Finland’s biggest ever organic campaign begins


Finland’s largest organic campaign of all time launches today (1 October 2020. The campaign, operated by the country’s lead organic body Pro Luomu r in partnership with RYHMÄ Creative Agency, aim to increase the purchases of organic products and to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of the EU organic label. 

The campaign comes at a time when interest in organic is at an all time high, a trend that has strengthened during the Covid pandemic. More and more Finns are buying organic and also recognize the EU organic label.  

Organic products are increasingly found in the Finnish shopping cart. More than a third of Finns now buy organic products at least once a week and less than a third at least once a month. The biggest change compared to the research made a year ago is that the proportion of consumers indifferent to organic products has fallen by half. About a fifth of Finns report that their interest in organic food has increased due to the corona pandemic.

The data is contained in a new survey of over 11,000 Finns commissioned by Pro Luomu from Kantar, 

‘The results are showing good signs about the future of organic products. Organic products are especially purchased in families with children, who will grow up to be future consumers. It is also gratifying that almost 95% of Finns have at least tried organic products,’ happily states Marja-Riitta Kottila, executive director of Pro Luomu.

The EU organic label, now 10 years old, has become the best-known organic logo amongst Finns. More than a third of Finns clearly recognize it and almost the same amount assumes that it is an organic logo. 

‘We have wanted to bring organic products close to the consumer and move away from the romantic countryside ideal. Organic is a branded product among other branded products, but a particularly good one. In the jungle of choices and options, organic products are easy to identify with the EU organic label,’ says Pertti Pällijeff, managing director of RYHMÄ Creative Agency.

The new campaign has a total budget of around EUR 1.4 million, of which almost EUR 1 million comes from the EU, while the rest of the funding comes from Pro Luomu members.

Visit the campaign website for more information.

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