Employee-owned future: Natural and organic brands sign up to Certified EO scheme


A growing number of US natural and organic brands are signing up to a certification scheme that aims to make employee ownership more visible. 

Certified Employee-Owned (or Certified EO) says it is setting out to “build a future employee-owned companies are a mainstay of the American economy, where the benefits of employee ownership are widely recognized, and where being employee-owned is seen as one of the defining aspects of a great business”. 

The membership organisation describes employee ownership as a “common-sense approach to business” that is good for workers, good for businesses, and good for communities.

The Certified EO scheme and logo is aimed at creating national recognition for employee ownership. “We are working directly with employee-owned companies to provide them the tools and a playbook that they need to engage their employee-owners and stand out with clients and job seekers”.

These natural, organic and wellness brands are among the 200 companies already certified:

Lueken’s Village
Once Again Nut Butter
WinCo Foods
Woodman’s Markets
Charlie’s Produce 
Life’s Abundance 
North State Grocery