Denmark backs ‘visionary goals for organic’ with €484 million of Government funding


The Danish Government is backing its “visionary goals” for organic with €484 million of Government funding, a senior Minister confirmed today. 

Speaking at the opening day of the Nordic Organic Food Fair, the Danish Food and Farming Minister, Rasmus Prehn, said that Denmark’s long-standing  organic ambitions were getting a very significant upgrading. 

Denmark has seen a doubling of the amount of organic farmland since 2017. In Danish supermarkets, said Prehn, “the shelves are full of organic products”, helping the country become world leader in organic retail sales.

Now the Danish Government has set “three visionary goals for organic” to be achieved by 2030, the Minister said: “First, the Government will double the organic agricultural area. Second, we will double organic consumption in Denmark. And, third, we will double organic exports”. To achieve this, he said, the Government would be allocating €484 million, as part of a new political agreement for Danish agriculture. 

In addition to funding to increase organic production and consumption, the Danish Government is also investing in a new innovation centre for organic farming. Additional funding is being made available for initiatives that facilitate knowledge sharing and assist Danish organic exports. 

Emphasising the importance of public-private cooperation in the development of Danish organics, the Minister said: “The close cooperation between the organic sector and the public sector at the political level has been, and remains, an important driver for a strong organic sector. Public and private initiatives go hand in hand.” 

The Nordic Organic Food continues tomorrow (Thursday 18 November) at MalmöMässan.

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