50% of Indies still nervous about restrictions lifting, Bira says


The British Independent Retailers Association (Bira) has revealed that 50% of its traders are still nervous about the restrictions being lifted by the government when Plan B ends on January 26.

In a poll sent to all its members, it was an even split between the traders on if they were happy or not with the plans, while 55% believed the restrictions being lifted would increase footfall and confidence in the high street. 

Since the announcements, 84% of members however believed they hadn’t seen a noticeable increase in foot traffic since the news was released that Plan A was set to be put into place.

Over 60% of Bira traders however were adamant they would be keeping themselves, and their staff, masked in the shop, while 43% would still be asking customers to wear face coverings if they could.

Bira’s CEO Andrew Goodacre said: “There is certainly still some nervousness around the restrictions being lifted. Shop owners are uncertain as they want to protect employees and customers.
“It is a positive sign to see the Omicron wave abating, and we hope that this continues once the restrictions are lifted.

“We now are looking for certainty for our future that our retailers will get support from the government to recover, and that more changes aren’t brought in again in the future.”