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Clearspring revamps syrups range

Clearspring has given its syrups range a rejuvenating makeover which includes a bright, new-look design and the addition of three exciting flavours. The brand’s existing Organic Rice Malt Syrup and Barley Malt Syrup will be joined by new Organic Coconut Blossom, Date and Oat Syrup. Along with the packaging revamp and new flavours, the complete Clearspring syrups range now “offers a delicious and organic choice for any palate”, says the company.

All five syrups are made using 100% organic ingredients. The entire range is added sugar free, free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives and suitable for vegans. Each is carefully produced to ensure it retains as much of its natural characteristics and fulsome flavour. The syrups come in recyclable and reusable 300g glass jars. The range is highly versatile and can be used to sweeten hot drinks and baked foods and used as toppings for cakes, pancakes, porridge, and desserts

Potent liquid B12, new from Viridian 

A new potent Liquid B12 from Viridian Nutrition is formulated to provide a natural, well-absorbed boost of the essential vitamin.

This vegan liquid formulation is made using a natural fermentation process and includes both methyl and adenosylcobalamin. These two different forms are used at varying stages of metabolism and required and used for different processes in the body.

Naturally red in colour, Liquid B12 contains 100% natural ingredients with no artificial fillers. Liquid B12 is sourced according to Viridian’s strict ethical criteria including no animal testing, GMO or palm oil.

Aimee Benbow, Viridian’s director of Nutrition, said: “Vitamin B12 is crucial for many vital bodily functions and benefits all ages from young adults to the older generation, regardless of lifestyle preference, so it’s important to maintain an optimal level status of vitamin B12 via the diet or as supplements.

Manuka Doctor teams with George Lockhart

New Zealand honey company Manuka Doctor has struck a deal with celebrity nutritionist George Lockhart.

Best-known for his work with boxers Tyson Fury, Joseph Parker and UFC fighter Conor McGregor; Lockhart is a sports-nutritionist and former US Marine who counts over 11 World Champions as his clients.

Manuka Doctor’s new campaign sees Lockhart provide exclusive updates from his role advising Heavyweight World Champion Tyson Fury, as he works towards his next fight at Wembley Stadium on 23rd April 2022.

Fitness fans can sign up for free exclusive content from the training camp plus recipes, diet tips, giveaways and video diaries every week, all hosted by Manuka Doctor.

Lockhart says manuka honey has been part of his sports-nutrition recommendations over several years. He said: “A lot of people know manuka honey is good for you, but few know just how good! Because it’s natural there’s no sugar crash or additives left in your body that can come with synthetic pre-work out products”. 

Soo Cieszynska joins Huxley Europe

Soo Cieszynska has joined the Huxley Europe team as business development manager. Based in the south of England, she will be using her deep experience and contacts in the health trade to expand the recognition and sales of the Huxley brand and products.

She comments, “I am very excited to have joined the Huxley team and am looking forward to achieving more recognition for this amazing brand. There is a need for products formulated by a pharmacist, using 100% natural ingredients to be on the shelves in our independent health stores.”

Huxley Europe is a pioneer in fast moving healthcare products, distributed domestically and internationally. It has recorded strong growth in recent years and has the NHS as on of its principal customers. The company plans to expand its range of product offerings in both their home and international markets, thanks to their overseas marketing activities via their contracted partners.

ABG+ Aged Black Garlic moves Into gummies space

In response to growing supplement and food trends, Madrid-headquartered Pharmactive Biotech Products, S.L.U. is introducing Aged Black Garlic+ (ABG+), with a sweet, “social” flavour that is odour-free and so suitable for functional gummies. The science-backed ingredient delivers wellness benefits and won’t stimulate reflux the way fresh garlic can. Grown from a special variety of garlic, and cultivated just two hours from Pharmactive’s facility, it is gently processed using green technology. This method generates very low waste and significantly reduces the environmental impact.

“Aged black garlic develops a distinctive sweet flavour during ageing, while losing its typical garlic flavour and aroma due to allicin degradation,” explains Daniel Gonzalez-Hedström, Ph.D., senior scientific researcher for Pharmactive. “This allows it to be easily included in various formulations, easily masking with fruit or other flavors any slight garlic notes that might remain.”

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