OTB urges organic brands to trial Planet-score eco label scheme 

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The Organic Trade Board (OTB) is encouraging members, and UK organic brands more widely, to trial the award-winning Planet-score environmental label. 

Last week, the OTB held an online discussion on the topic of environment labelling, describing it as a “vitally important” subject that “needs to be tackled by a united organic industry”.  

While the OTB supports the development of environmental labelling for food and drink products as a way of helping consumers make better and informed choices, it says any such label “should be as clear and transparent as possible … and avoid any potential greenwashing which could mislead”.

The OTB acknowledges that the IGD (Institute of Grocery Distribution) is currently developing a UK label that will give products an environmental score. But it says it is vital that environmental labelling of food should adopt a “holistic product overview, with clear assessments of impacts including pesticides, biodiversity, and animal welfare”.

While a UK label is in development, OTB says it is seeking businesses who would be keen to trial the Planet-score label, an internationally recognised environmental scheme, which has been developed and trialled in the past five years by over 170 organic and non-organic companies and brands in over 11 countries. 

“We encourage OTB members and any other organic brands to trial Planet-score, so we can better understand consumers’ reaction as well as have a clearer insight of this approach in the UK. Planet-score has been proven successful with brands and consumers in other countries and provides a good, clear visual assessment of the sustainable practises and benefits of organic.”

Main image: Planet-score label featured on products by organic baby food specialist Hipp Organic. Hipp Organic

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