Health Stores UK welcomes Chancellor’s rates relief measure, but says high inflation remains grave threat to small retailers

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Health Stores UK broadly welcomes measures taken by the Chancellor in his Autumn Statement to offer continued relief on business rates. But the association wants the Government to step up efforts to curb inflation and restore consumer confidence.

Health Stores UK chair, Len Glenville said: “Whilst we are happy that the new Prime Minister and Chancellor have stuck to their pledge to help with business rates, small retailers, who have worked incredibly hard over the past few years to support their customers, need more certainty around consumer confidence and the Energy Price Guarantee for businesses.

“Whilst we welcome the National Living Wage increase from next year, small retailers will find it incredibly difficult to absorb that extra cost, along with record energy prices – even with assistance on business rates. The Chancellor must do everything in his power to reduce inflation, which will in turn increase consumer confidence and lower prices.”

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