Mars trials paper wrapper for iconic chocolate bar

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Mars Wrigley UK is to trial a newly developed recyclable “paper-based” wrapper for its iconic Mars bar product. The new packaging pilot will take place in Tesco stores for a limited period.  

The company says that the innovation allow it “to eliminate a considerable amount of plastic from the physical Mars bar”. Following the trial, Mars says it will use the learnings from the launch with Tesco, to inform other trials as  part of its Sustainable in a Generation plan.

Richard Sutherland-Moore, packaging expert at Mars Wrigley UK’s Research and Development Centre in Slough said: “We are exploring different types of alternative packaging solutions for our confectionery products. For Mars bar, the challenge was to find the right paper packaging solution with an adequate level of barrier properties to protect the chocolate whilst guaranteeing the food safety, quality and integrity of the product to prevent food waste.”

Adam Grant, general manager, Mars Wrigley UK said:With our Mars bar pilot project, we are taking a big step to see how paper-based packaging works in everyday life. From the test, we will derive insights for our sustainable packaging strategy.”

“While challenges may impact the pace of progress towards our vision, we at Mars Incorporated are committed to scaling up viable solutions where recycling options exist and to test, learn, partner and advocate where they don’t.”

Main image: Mars Bars in their new paper wrapper/Mars Wrigley UK

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