Suma study shows refills cut carbon emissions by 44% 

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Sustainable products wholesaler Suma Wholefoods says that customers using its body care and household cleaning refill stations can expect to make big cuts in their carbon emissions, when compared to the impacts of single-use plastic containers.

The Elland, Leeds-based cooperative, recently participated in a groundbreaking study conducted by Laura Giles, a researcher from the University of Cumbria and featuring Suma customer Rattle Ghyll. This study, part of the Eco-I North West project, was designed to measure the environmental impact of using Suma refill drums compared to buying products in standard single-use plastic containers. 

Using Suma’s Ecoleaf 20 Litre drums, customers managed to slash carbon emissions by a remarkable 43.9%, when compared to the equivalent volume of single-use plastic bottles – the equivalent of taking a car off the road for 10 miles. But 5 Litre ALTER/NATIVE by Suma containers performed even more impressively, achieving a 57.8% reduction in carbon emissions. That’s 0.81kg CO2e saved per container.

Looking at the bigger picture, when the researchers crunched the numbers for all their refill customers they showed a collective reduction in emissions of 63,532 kgCO2e. That’s equivalent to 162,867 miles driven by an average petrol-powered car.

A Suma spokesperson said: “When people refill their body care or cleaning products, they now know they’re not just making a smart choice for their wallet, they’re actively contributing to a greener future, where plastic pollution is no longer a threat. We’re calling on more people to join our mission to unleash the power of refills and let’s create a world that thrives on sustainability.”

Main image: Suma Refill station at retail customer Rattle Ghyll. Suma Wholefoods

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