Swedish campaign thanks shoppers for being ‘Eco Heroes’

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A new campaign launched by Organic Sweden in partnership with prominent retailers and brands will thank shoppers for being ‘Eco Heroes’ when they chose organic. 

The campaign is part of an initiative now its second year which aims to harness ‘creative nudging’ techniques to direct more shoppers to organic shelves, with a particular emphasis on organic vegan options

The Nudging Organic project started in 2022 and is a close collaboration between Organic Sweden, ICA Sweden and five different food companies, including Swedish Temptations which sells organic plant-based products under the Bärta brand. In addition to organic veg, the companies represent eggs, carrots, milk, oatmeal and cured meats. 

The collaborative project is about creating attention around the organic alternatives, including organic plant-based products, in stores.

The focus this year is to make all customers who choose organic feel like “eco-heroes” by sending them a big thank you. The initiative will help Sweden’s organic sector asses the effectiveness of ‘positive reinforcement’ messaging in encouraging consumers to make an organic selection at the point of purchase. 

“I strongly believe that inspiration and commitment are keys to speeding up the transition to more sustainable consumption. Therefore, it will be extra exciting to see if we can get more customers to open their eyes to the fact that they can become eco-heroes,” says Pia Qvarnström, founder and CEO of Swedish Temptations.

“It will be very exciting to see if we manage to ‘nudge’ consumers in the right direction. Regardless of whether the results are positive or negative, we will gain valuable new knowledge about how the industry can better promote organic plant-based products and other organic alternatives in stores, says Anton Järild, communications strategist at Organic Sweden.

Main image: Eco Heroes campaign. Organic Sweden

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