Virtuous trinity: Ica Kvantum Södermalm store majors on organic, local and sustainable


Swedish supermarket chain Ica Kvantum will place organic, local and sustainability values front and centre at its new Södermalm (Stockholm) store. 

The new 2,300 square metre store also features a licensed bistro, where three chefs will prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the day. The bistro also provides an informal setting for customers to meet for a relaxed drink. 

Store manager Thomas Bergman (pictured) says he wants ecological and sustainability principles to be a distinguishing feature of the Södermalm outlet. The Kitchen, for example, is geared towards minimising all waste. 

Bergman is also passionate about local and sustainable sourcing, and impressively ambitious about organic. He told fri-kopenskap that organic should occupy the “largest and best shelfspace” in the store. “Initially, we want at least 50 percent of food sales to be organic and in the long run we want to reach 70 percent.”

Ica Kvantum’s new Södermalm store. Photography, Jonas Borg

Photography, Jonas Borg