Viridian names elderberry ‘ingredient of the year’


Elderberry has been announced by UK-based ethical vitamin company Viridian Nutrition as its Ingredient of the Year 2021.

The intensely deep purple-black berries, scientifically known as Sambucus nigra, has been forecasted by experts at the company to be significant in the field of nutrition and health in the year ahead.

Native to Europe, these black berries from the black elder tree have a long history of use as a traditional remedy. Today Elderberry attracts considerable attention into its beneficial properties by modern science and is supported by a significant amount of clinical research.

Elderberry is rich in oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) which have been shown to provide therapeutic benefits in research. 

Viridian’s direction of nutrition Aimee Benbow, said: “Elderberry is a fascinating nutrient rich ingredient which has gained considerable attention and featured in many clinical trials demonstrating its health properties. 

“Our NPD team have been following the studies with huge interest. We strongly believe Elderberry will continue to gain prominence in the nutrition and health field.” 

She said: “After reviewing the array of scientific research and speaking with leading experts, Viridian has duly recognised Elderberry as the Viridian ingredient of the Year 2021.”

Elderberry currently features prominently as a core ingredient in Viridian’s supplements: Organic Elderberry Extract + Vit C elixirand Organic Elderberry Throat Spray. The recently launched Organic Elderberry Extract uses Elderberries from Austria where the right climate produces significantly higher levels of OPC’s.

To mark the recognition of Elderberry, Viridian has launched the new Ingredient of the Year logo and will be championing its research and beneficial properties over the coming 12 months.