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Viridian has added Brain Support Multi to its Cognitive Collection 

Brain Support Multi is a daily multivitamin and mineral formulation featuring a blend of 22 nutrients including supportive vitamins to promote brain health and function, together with bioavailable minerals and selected phytonutrients.

The formulation contains iodine, iron and zinc which all contribute to normal cognitive function and is part of Viridian’s growing range of brain health supplements. Brain Support Multi also contains a high dose of choline together with brahmi extract at the therapeutic dose.

Viridian technical director Aimee Benbow said: “As well as being physically healthy, it is essential to support brain function and long-term brain health by nourishing the mind. Premature ageing can occur without the right diet and data shows up to 20% of those over 65 experience mild cognitive impairment.

“Brain Support Multi is an ideal daily food supplement to support individuals who may not be getting the necessary nutrients from their diet, whether due to limited access to nutrient rich food sources, following a particular lifestyle or custom. 

“Brain Support Multi contains a combination of carefully selected nutrients to promote the nutritional building blocks for normal brain activity.”

The announcement follows the launch of Peak Focus, an organic supplement for optimised concentration unveiled last summer. Peak Focus contains Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) extract to help maintain good cognitive function and Sage (Salvia officinalis and lavandulifolia) extract to help maintain optimal mental well-being, including concentration, attention and memory.  

Brain Support Multi is available in 60 caps and suitable for vegans.   

TopGum expands to US with new venture 

Sderot, Israel-based functional gummy supplement manufacturer TopGum Industries, Ltd. is set to make waves on US shores with the establishment of TopGum, Inc., its new subsidiary in New Jersey. The company recruited two high-profile dietary supplement industry leaders to head business development for the venture and bring TopGum into the rapidly growing US supplement market.

Christopher Lamb joins the new subsidiary as VP of sales and will lead its go-to-market activities. Lamb has extensive experience in business development and sales leadership in the nutritional food, pharma, and supplement space.

Jennifer Toomey (pictured) joins as the director of new product development and will head the R&D force in the US. Toomey will occupy a key role in driving new product development and supporting future launches to bring groundbreaking innovations to market. She brings 20 years of experience working in dietary supplement product development leveraging her training in nutrition to formulate some of the industry’s leading products.

TopGum began operations in 2004, and within a few years became a leading gummy confectionery producer. In 2018, TopGum leveraged its extensive experience and expertise in formulation to launch its functional gummy supplements portfolio, offering an attractive medium for integrating a comprehensive variety of healthful ingredients.

“The US is a strategic market for us, as it has a well-established gummy supplement market that is open to innovation and expansion,” says Amichai Bar-Nir, TopGum CEO. “We are happy to expand the TopGum family with top industry leaders who bring an in-depth knowledge of this sector and a genuine appreciation for the added value TopGum brings to the market. This US subsidiary demonstrates TopGum’s ongoing commitment to provide our strategic partners unsurpassed service. 

According to Innova Market Insights, gummy supplement launches increased by +33% average annual growth in the US from 2015 through 2019. The top health positionings in the US are: immune health, skin health, bone health and mood health. The top 5 subcategories of gummy supplements in the US are: vitamins/minerals, probiotics, botanical supplements, hair, skin & nails and women specialty. Over a half of the gummy supplements in the US are vitamins/minerals. Multiple sources place annual global gummy supplement sales at US$5-6 billion, with North America accounting for nearly half.

AAK unveils ‘Making Better Happen’ vision

Global plant-based oils specialist AAK has unveiled a new corporate purpose – Making Better Happen. It is the result of an inclusive process involving more than 1,000 AAK employees across the world. At the same time, the company has launched a new visual brand identity that reflects the thinking behind the purpose.

In 2019, AAK agreed that there was a need for a unifying purpose to facilitate the delivery of the company’s vision to become the first choice for plant-based oil solutions in the sectors where it operates.

Johan Westman, president and CEO at AAK, said: “Our purpose – Making Better Happen – is all about the difference we want to make. We choose to be a purpose-driven business in the belief that long-term, sustainable growth goes hand-in-hand with making a positive impact. Central to AAK is a preference for the humbleness of ‘better’ in contrast to the boastfulness of ‘best’. Best breeds complacency, while better is a journey of continuous improvement. In fact, AAK truly believes that better has the potential to be more ambitious than best.”

Making Better Happen also inspired AAK to evolve its visual identity. At the heart of the new look is the Better Impact Ripple, intended to represent AAK’s contribution throughout the whole value chain – from better and more sustainable sourcing to better end-benefits for customers and their brands. The ripples flow outwards, with AAK as their source, communicating that “Making Better Happen is a journey not a destination”. In recognition of the company’s heritage, the AAK logo remains unchanged, as does its long-term association with the colour blue.

Notes of nourishment: 10,000 join Lycrored’s well-a-gram initiative  

Lycored has continued its mission to transform traditional perceptions of beauty by giving yogis and wellness professionals the chance to write heartfelt messages to those who need them most.

A leading supplier of ingestible skincare ingredients, Lycored’s “notes of nourishment” is aimed at helping people connect through isolation as a pandemic-adjusted evolution on its team’s ongoing #rethinkbeautiful initiative, which for the past three years has invited people to write themselves a love letter to promote beauty from within.

In January, 10,000 participants in the Wanderlust ‘It Starts at Home’ virtual yoga challenge were invited to write a short note of encouragement, appreciation or positivity to a stranger.

Over the course of the 10-day event, led by Lycored’s UK yoga ambassador Hannah Barrett, participants took the chance to connect with someone in need, writing messages such as: “I may not know who you are but I still know that you are loved. Always remember that you matter.”

Lycored will print the notes on postcards and safely distribute them to senior citizens, homeless people in need, and frontline heroes. During the pandemic, Lycored has so far delivered over 6,000 notes with a healthy meal that the company has been supplementing with fresh fruits and vegetables (via partnerships with New York Common Food Pantry, Food4hungry.org, and Operation Respect).

Lycored’s Zev Ziegler said: “We’re always exploring innovative new ways to show that beauty goes far beyond physical appearance. We believe true beauty comes from within, and we want to help consumers create the powerful inner glow that stems from true wellness. As these letters show, there is no one better to help tap into and spread that inner glow than yogis, those centered in gratitude and self-care.”

Lycored’s initiative to send a note to a stranger is hosted at www.littleglowapp.com. There is no limit to how often users can write.