Nestlé makes ‘epic in everything’ pitch for Wunda milk alternative


Nestlé has launched a new pea-based milk alternative product – Wunda – with the strapline ‘epic in everthing’, to denote its versatility. 

The Swiss food multinational says that some plant-based drink have very distinctive flavours, or are low in protein, which can make them unappealing for pouring over cereals, while others are unsuitable in hot drinks or in cooking. 

It claims that its Wunda product performs well nutritionally, on taste, and environmentally (the Wunda range, made from yellow peas sourced in France and Belgium, is certified carbon neutral from launch the Carbon Trust). 

Wunda was initially developed as part of Nestlé’s R&D Accelerator initiative. Under the scheme, Nestlé ‘intrapreneurs’ created and scaled-up to full production in just six months.

Stefan Palzer, Nestlé chief technology officer, said: “This truly versatile, delicious pea-based beverage is an excellent source of protein and fibre. Its great neutral taste, the ability to use it for different applications and the fact that it is carbon neutral make it an ideal plant-based alternative to milk. Our young intrapreneurs created this great product based on their own consumer needs by leveraging our longstanding expertise in plant-proteins and dairy.”