CSQA joins NATRUE’s roster of approved certifiers


CSQA, a certification and inspection body established in Italy in 1990, has become an approved certifier of natural and organic cosmetics standards non-profit NATRUE

CSQA is a pioneer in certification activities in Italy with extensive experience in the areas of sustainability, quality and social responsibility. As well as its base in Italy, it has branches in Poland and the US. 

Commenting on the latest addition to NATRUE’s growing roster of approved certifiers, director general, Dr Mark Smith, said: “With the addition of CSQA, our global network of NATRUE Approved Certifiers is greatly strengthened. CSQA’s experience and knowledge will positively contribute not only to keep promoting the NATRUE Label in the Italian market, but also in newer markets such as Poland and USA, where there is an increasing interest for natural and organic cosmetics. With over 30 years of experience as certifiers and auditors, we are happy to have CSQA as a reliable partner to carry out the certification with the NATRUE Label.”

“CSQA’s Organic Certification division deals with the development of certifications related to organic agriculture. While most of it involves food products, there is also growing interest for the organic certification of non-food products such as cosmetics. At CSQA we believe that the NATRUE Label is a reliable benchmark for the certification of natural and organic cosmetics worldwide. This is the reason why we decided to apply to become a NATRUE Approved Certifier. We are happy to offer now the NATRUE certification within our certification services”, said Dr. Antonio Compagnoni, responsible of International Relations Organic Production at CSQA.