OrganiCup becomes AllMatters, launches into water-free space


Danish menstrual cup brand OrganiCup has changed its name to AllMatters and signalled plans to develop new products in the growing sustainable personal care space.  

AllMatters (as OrganiCup) has played a key role in shaking up the menstrual market, making the sustainable and recyclable menstrual cup a worldwide alternative to disposable pads and tampons. Since it was founded in 2012, the company has sold two million cups worldwide, in the process save the planet 1,500 tonnes of waste. 

Rebranded AllMatters Menstrual Cup

AllMatters has also successfully built a strong global community that openly discusses menstruation and the availability of menstrual products for women around the world. The brand works with 60 NGOs and health organizations in 27 countries to break down taboos around menstruation. It has also donated over 30,000 menstrual cups to women with limited access to menstrual products. 

Now company says it wants to wants “once again to challenge the status quo” with new launches in water-free personal care products. 

Fighting stigma
“Together with our community, we used a small cup to fight an enormous stigma. We made many people realize that menstruation is a beautiful and natural part of our lives. We changed people‘s habits and replaced disposable products with a sustainable alternative. We want to continue to do this in areas beyond menstrual products; there are many essential habits that can be challenged and changed,“ says Gitte Dalberg-Larsen, co-founder of AllMatters. 

With the name change from OrganiCup to AllMatters, the company says it “gets the mandate to develop products beyond the menstrual cup”. 

“We want to help people make small changes to their daily routines that make a big difference. That’s why we think the name AllMatters suits us really well,” says Dalberg-Larsen. 

Water-free future
With the launch of new water-free products — for now, a hand wash and a body wash — AllMatters is jumping on board a category revolution that is quickly gaining traction all over the world. 

Several trend reports have predicted that water-free products will be one of the biggest trends in 2022. For AllMatters, it makes sense to produce personal care products that only need water once they’re in consumers’ hands. Personal care products often consist of 60-85% water and are stored in disposable packaging that’s shipped around the world. 

By eliminating water at the formulation stage it’s possible to reduce the amount of packaging — and minimize the CO2 emissions that result from shipping. 

AllMatters has developed a gentle soap in powder form. When customers take it home, they can easily mix it with water in the recyclable aluminum bottle that it comes with. The bottle reduces the number of disposable products people have in their bathrooms. In the long run, AllMatters will also produce gentle cleaning agents that only need water once they’re in consumers’ hands.