IADSA publishes sustainability ‘guiding principles’ for supplements firms 

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IADSA has published a set of Guiding Principles on Sustainability for food supplement firms, aimed at supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The London-based trade group says the eight principles will position it at the forefront of the international supplement sector’s efforts to create a more sustainable present and future.

Simon Pettman, IADSA executive director, said there were many reasons why it was imperative for supplement associations and companies to engage on sustainability. “First of all, it is the right thing to do,” he explained. “In addition, taking a lead on sustainability is important since many of the discussions the industry will have with stakeholders in the future will be framed within the sustainability context and will focus on how the sector is contributing to the achievement of the UN’s 17 SDGs.”

“discussions the industry will have with stakeholders in the future will be framed within the sustainability context”

IADSA says the eight principles are intended to provide an over-arching set of action points to help every part of the global food supplement supply chain to accelerate and collaborate on sustainability. They are designed to complement and build on IADSA’s existing Code of Ethical Principles for the supplement sector, which highlights the adoption of sustainable practices as one of a number of steps the industry should strive to take.

Pettman added: “Change will only come about with the involvement of a majority in the industry, and through the commitment of businesses large and small. To help drive this forward, IADSA believes it’s important that we show leadership and establish a culture of sustainability in the supplement sector that goes beyond our long-term commitment to creating a healthier society. Our new Guiding Principles will be at the front and centre of this work.”

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