Anita Falkenek to step down as KRAV CEO after five years 

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KRAV’s CEO Anita Falkenek is to step down after a five year tenure at the Swedish organic body. She will leave her position on April 15 when KRAV’s deputy CEO Cecilia Lenbäck will take over as acting CEO. The board is now starting the recruitment process with the goal of having a new CEO in place by the autumn.

Commenting on the announcement, Falkenek said: “During my five years as CEO of KRAV, we have carried out extensive change work with a focus on the market and to position KRAV as an ecological sustainability label. I now hand over to my successor to lead the next step for KRAV with a clear focus on increasing sales of KRAV-labelled products and taking the organisation to the next level”.

On LinkedIn, Falkenek has indicated that she now wants to fulfil “a dream of working abroad on sustainability issues”.

Falkenek took over as CEO of KRAV in March 2017. At that time, KRAV’s challenge was to support profitable organic production and satisfy the market with KRAV-labeled raw materials and products. For five years, Anita Falkenek has led a professionalisation of the organization, including increased digitalization, stronger financial management, skills exchange, development of both employees and leadership, increased presence and influence in the national ldebate, new brand strategy and a more user-friendly regulatory framework.

“The board is very pleased with the redirection and professionalization that Anita Falkenek has delivered during her five years at KRAV. She has equipped and built KRAV into a stronger organization. With these changes in place, we agree that itnow requires someone, who with full energy, can build on this success, further increasing sales of KRAV-labeled” says Linus Källander, chairman of KRAV’s board.

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