Spain celebrates first national Semana Bio (Organic Week)

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Spain will celebrate its first national Semana Bio (Organic Week) this summer (June 2-9). 

The event is being organised by leading Spain-based organic media outlet Bio Eco Actual in partnership with the specialist trade group Ecovalia and top trade fair Organic Food & Eco Living Iberia

Semana Bio brings together together activities from farmers, restaurants, schools and retailers in the first event of its kind on a national stage. 

The organiser is calling on institutions, the agri-food sector, the educational world and citizens to join the initiative, promoting the transition towards organic production and consumption in order to achieve the 2030 European targets. 

According to the Annual Report on Organic Production in Spain 2022, compiled by Ecovalia and presented this March, per capita spending on organic products in Spain stood at around 59.2 euros per inhabitant/year in 2021, still far from the European Union average of 101.8 euros, and the 10% consumption target set for 2030.

Semana Bio will promote the production and consumption of organic products through a series of activities that will take place throughout across Spain. These include visits to producers and agricultural and livestock facilities, retail business activities, HORECA and gastronomic activities, in-school activities and many other specific outreach actions. 

The initiative is open to all actors in the organic sector,including producers, retailers, distributors, certifiers and organizations. The agri-food sector is invited to join the event and to organize activities to promote and facilitate organic production and consumption. Activities can bar added using a short form and will be included in the event programme. All the activities can be found in the Semana Bio Calendar, published on the website.

Semana Bio will conclude on 8 and 9 June, when the organic sector gathers at IFEMA Madrid for Organic Food & Eco Living Iberia.

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