Burger King pledges 50% meat-free menu by 2030

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Burger King UK has set a target to offer a 50% meat-free menu nationally by 2030. 

The pledge comes as the fast-food chain completes a 100% meat-free trial at its refurbished Leicester Square flagship store. 

Alongside high profile plant-based products such Plant-based Whopper and Vegan Royale, the chain offered central London customers “over 15 ground-breaking new items” during the one-month trial. As well as plant-based burgers, these included vegan nuggets and a range of plant-based sides. 

Vegan restauranteur James Lewis told The Guardian that fast food was “100% the best area to switch (people) to vegan”, adding that vegan burgers were a perfect “gateway dish”. He added: “The chains are often sneered at by people but they are setting the trends here”. 

Main image: Burger King’s meat-free trial at its Leicester Square branch. Burger King

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