Trader Joe’s new store roll-out continues at pace in 2022 

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Natural food retailer Trader Joe’s is continuing its store opening programme at pace in 2022.

The California-headquartered retailer has opened four stores already this year – in Parker (Colarado), Camp Hill (Pennsylvania), Egan (Minnesota), Mentor (Ohio). A further three stores – in Santa Monica, Miami and Bethesda (Marlyand) are scheduled to open in the coming months.  

Trader Joe’s operates around 560 stores across 42 US states, with most locations averaging at around the 10,000-15,000sqft (1400m2). California has the largest number of stores, approaching 200. Each location is designed to represent its respective area. Every store is designed to have its own distinctive twist with local store staff members creating artwork to represent the surrounding neighbourhood.

Main image: Trader Joe’s new Parker (Colarado) store. Trader Joe’s 

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