Suma partners with Planet Minimal in closed loop project 

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Suma Wholefoods is partnering with London based zero waste innovator Planet Minimal in a project to make some of its Ecoleaf range ‘closed loop’ in the capital. 

Planet Minimal uses electric vans to deliver environmentally responsible products to refill stores, independent supermarkets, offices and the hospitality industry. All the bulk containers it uses to deliver products are collected for refill and reuse.

Under the new partnership, Suma sends 1,000 litre containers of its Ecoleaf household cleaning products to Planet Minimal, which it uses to refill 20 litre drums that are then delivered to customers in London in its 100% electric vehicles. Suma provided Planet Minimal with 250 empty 20 litre drums that it would have otherwise had to process and send to recycling. These will now be used over and over again in a sustainable circular economy model. 

Planet Minimal’s model is based around the concept of ‘reuse not recycle’. As it delivers, it collects empties at the same time for refilling at its East London warehouse. The company says it has already saved nearly 300 drums from being recycled since teaming with Suma. 

Image: Planet Minimal, via social media

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