Viridian’s menopause campaign highlights health stores as a key resource

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A new menopause campaign from Viridian Nutrition highlights the importance of health stores in providing diet and lifestyle expertise.

Launched to coincide with Menopause Awareness Month in October, ‘Manage Your Menopause, You’ve Got This’, aims to enable women to take control of their menopause and get the support they need to thrive during this life stage.

The national campaign will highlight how nutrition and lifestyle can address many of the symptoms associated with the menopause and involves a number of exciting initiatives:

• New book and journal written by Aimée Benbow, Viridian’s Head of Nutrition  

• New Menopause Complex supplement in the menopause range

• National media coverage 

• Research survey

• Informative store materials and resources

• Large-scale social media campaign 

According to research commissioned by Viridian*, 78% of women between the ages of 45 and 55 are experiencing the effects of the menopause, with nearly half saying that it impacts their daily life.

The key challenge is that menopausal symptoms can vary hugely (in range and severity) from person-to-person and impact throughout the body. The most common symptoms by respondents were hot flushes /night sweats (81%), sleep issues (73%), low mood (69%) and brain fog (58%).

Experts at Viridian have identified over 40 symptoms associated with the menopause.

To help women to thrive through themenopause, the company is launching The Menopause Journal written by Viridian’s head of nutrition Aimée Benbow. This practical tool will help identify, measure and track symptoms, and build a personalised programme to support women at all stages of the menopause.

Additionally, the survey also reveals two thirds of those going through the menopause are not aware that diet can impact menopause symptoms and only 4% of people are advised on this by their GP. 

In response to this, the journal was written to guide readers through dietary implications and highlight independent health stores as a great place for advice and support.

Launching alongside The Menopause Journal is Viridian Menopause Complex, a targeted supplement with herbal extracts formulated to support the most common symptoms experienced during the menopause. The ingredients include a standardised and well-researched extract from hops. The unique phytoestrogen extract (8-PN) helps with the tell-tale signs associated with the menopause, such as hot flushes, sweating, restlessness, and irritability.

* UK and Ireland survey of 2,000 women aged 45-55 conducted by Viridian Nutrition in September 2022.

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