Biofach Congress: Can retail can rise to the challenge of being ‘fit for the future’?

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Retail is the crucial interface between the organic movement and consumers, the connecting point for people and products. So, the type of retail environment the organic sector operates in really does matter. But is retail ready to rise to the challenge of being “fit for the future”, and what would that entail in practice?

These are some of the questions that will be explored during the 2023 Biofach Congress which will place retailing at the heart of some of its main debates. 

Whereas consumers are increasingly concerned about being more sustainable in their consumption, the retail sector is exploring the question of where people will shop in the future and which concepts will prevail. The topics discussed by industry trailblazers in the Specialist Retail Forum in Hall 9 include: which messages reach new customers; what the future requirements of a modern workplace will look like; how the trend toward regional foodstuffs is shaping product ranges; and, how the organic retail segment is successfully evolving as an ambassador for a qualitative shift towards greater sustainability. Of course, independent retailers are also dealing with similar issues, and the congress programme offers three events specifically with them in mind.

Biofach & Vivaness 2023 takes place on 14-17 in Nuremberg, Germany  

Main image: Biofach/Vivaness

We need to talk about retail 

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