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Choc development: Dr. Bronner’s announces Magic All-One Chocolate range 

Leading US natural soap brand Dr. Bronner’s has announced the it will be launching a new line of organic, fair trade, and vegan chocolate in Summer of 2021.

The company says the new range was born from its “industry-leading socially and environmentally responsible supply chain and developed with the expertise of world-class Swiss chocolatiers and industry experts”.

“When we learned that many of the 800 farmers who supply our Regenerative Organic Certified Serendipalm project in Ghana also grew cocoa, it was a perfect opportunity to grow our partnership with fair trade farmers by developing these cocoa beans and other ingredients—all sourced to the highest standards possible—into a rich, delicious dark chocolate that elevates soil and community health, as well as quality of life for everyone in the supply chain,” said David Bronner, cosmic engagement officer of Dr. Bronner’s. “Dr. Bronner’s is making magic through regenerative organic agriculture and its many benefits: dynamic agroforestry, biodiversity, soil fertility, better livelihoods for farmers, and delicious, rich, dark chocolate!”

“The true cost of chocolate production has been externalized and paid by cocoa-producing communities in the service of profit for a few at the expense of many—leading to wide-spread ecological destruction, climate instability, poverty, worker exploitation, child labor, and even slavery,” said vice president of special operations Gero Leson. “We want to model a move away from extractive capitalism to a truly constructive model. This thinking is at the foundation of Dr. Bronner’s decision to bring our magic chocolate to market.”

The new range will feature six variants –Roasted Whole Hazelnuts; Crunchy Hazelnut Butter; Salted Whole Almonds; Salted Almond Butter; Salted Dark Chocolate; and Smooth Coconut Praline – with an MSRP for a single, 3oz (estimated) bar of Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One Chocolate of $5.49. Products will be available in retail (US) from August 1 2021. 

Groovy baby! – Clipper launches Organic Hemp infusions with a twist

Clipper Teas, is launching its first range of Organic Hemp infusions in two distinctive SKUs -Clipper Organic Karma Mama Hemp and Clipper Organic Groovy Ginger Hemp (RRP: £2.80/ 20 tea bag pack).

Available now in selected UK health food stores, via amazon.co.uk and clipper-teas.co.uk, the range has been developed to offer a calming, self-care infusion with functional, natural ingredients. 

Clipper Organic Karma Mama Hemp is infused with Hemp Seed, Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon Balm and Tulsi (Holy Basil). Meanwhile the Organic Groovy Ginger Hemp uses Hemp Seed and warming Ginger extract, alongside Lemongrass and Chamomile. Both variants are packed full flavour and deliver a relaxing ‘hug in a mug’.

Groovy baby! Hemp infusion’s with a twist from Clipper

Offering a point of difference in the Hemp tea segment, the blends use hemp seed w­­hich is ordinarily discarded in hemp production. Unlike hemp leaves that have a strong, grassy taste, hemp seeds don’t have a specific flavour. These are blends with carefully crafted botanicals to deliver “a delicious and distinctive taste experience, while harnessing the natural benefits of the ingredients”. 

Ecotone achieves ‘Great Place To Work’ certification

International natural food company, Ecotone (previously Wessanen) has joined the community of Great Place To Work certified businesses 2021. The certification, which is the highest level of recognition of the quality of the work environment, is effective from April 27, 2021. 

A mission-led business, Ecotone is part of the B Corp movement, which prioritises employee health and well-being, in addition to championing a fair and inclusive culture. B Corp companies put employees at the heart of their business and offer the best possible working conditions. 

These efforts are now recognised by the Great Place To Work certification in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Germany. 

Ecotone says it prides itself on working collaboratively with all employees who embody the company’s focus on healthy food that’s better for people and the planet. Overall, 84% of participants across all Ecotone sites said they were committed to deliver the Food for Biodiversity mission.  

Christophe Barnouin, CEO at Ecotone says: “We are incredibly proud to be certified as a Great Place to Work. The employee experience is highly important to us and all feedback is helpful to see the areas where we’re excelling and where we need to improve. Being a mission-led business, I was particularly pleased to see so many in our team that are committed to help us deliver food for biodiversity. To be successful in our mission, it’s important that our employees embody our values and work with us in harmony with nature to create food with a minimal environmental impact while helping to boost biodiversity. ”

A touch of glass – Weleda repackages Body Butter in premium jar 

Following the launch of Weleda’s Skin Food Body Butter last year, as a range extension to its venerable Skin Food, the company is now repackaging the Body Butter in a premium glass jar for its Centenary year.

The new green glass jar adds a touch of luxury while offering sustainability benefits: as well as being easily recyclable, it is made from recycled glass.

Weleda’s glass is made from 70% post-consumer waste and 15% post-industrial recyclate. 85% is the maximum level of recycled glass that can be used, for technical reasons.

Due to high sales volume, switching Skin Food Body Butter to a glass jar has enabled Weleda to increase the overall amount of recycled materials the company uses by 5%.

While the previous recyclable plastic jar was lighter than the new glass jar – and less weight results in fewer emissions during transit – Weleda said it has ensured that the thickness of the glass jar has been kept to a minimum.

Persona claims family friendly gummy range will ‘eliminate vitamin confusion’

Persona Nutrition, a leading personalized vitamin program, claims it is shaking up the vitamin industry with the launch of daily gummy vitamin packs for the whole family. These daily packs target specific health goals, including immune health, focus, relaxation, everyday support as well as hair, skin and nail health. The new, all-natural gummies, which come pre-sorted in 28 daily pouches, are developed by doctors and nutritionists to support kid, teen and adult health. The new gummy vitamins are free of added sugar, and do not contain artificial sweeteners, flavourings or colours. They are gluten free and vegan. Available through Persona’s online Marketplace, the gummy vitamin packs are designed to “eliminate confusion when selecting the best vitamins for the entire family’s nutrition needs, and they help parents who struggle to get their kids to take supplements, or who don’t like swallowing pills themselves”.

Skin-deep Beauty with microalgae bioactive ingredient

Israel-based Marine cultivation start-up Yemoja has introduced an algae-derived external polysaccharide sulphate (EPS) for the skin-deep beauty sector. This topically applied bioactive ingredient from the Porphyridium cruentum species of microalgae is in high demand by the cosmetics industry for its naturally tendering anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and rejuvenating properties. 

The ingredient, branded EPS-Revive, is described as the first bio-active ingredient to be produced from the red algae in a tightly controlled lab environment using high-precision and fast-track photobioreactor technology. This launch brings to market new levels of quality, yield, and consistency.

“More and more companies are working to create an ‘all-natural’ brand by using plant based or algae-based substances, with emphasis on ‘green’ processes and chemical-free end products,” says Erez Ashkenazi, CEO of Yemoja. “While the demand for the product is high, Yemoja is a rare player in that we can provide a steady supply of the valuable and standardized raw material. We cultivate only natural wild-strain algae through an automated, fully controlled and contaminant-free downstream process. We use no chemicals or solvents, and we do not exploit any natural resources from the environment.”

Yemoja’s closed-cultivation system means there’s no dependency on external environmental factors or impact from climate fluctuations, enabling the company to provide the cosmetics market with high-quality