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Viridian claims ‘world first’ for high potency organic black seed oil 

Viridian Nutritionhttps://www.viridian-nutrition.com has launched what it says is the world’s strongest organic black seed oil.

Organic High Potency Black Seed Oil is made from pure, cold pressed Nigella sativa seeds, and rich in active compounds. Standardised to 3% thymoquinone (TQ), the active compound which provides beneficial properties making this nutritional supplement Viridian’s most potent organic black seed oil. 

Viridian’s technical director Aimee Benbow said: “Research into black seed often attributes the beneficial findings to the bioactive, thymoquinone.  

“Through specifically bred crops using natural farming practices (never GMO) and producing seeds which have undergone cold press oil extraction to maintain its integrity, we have developed a high potency black seed formulation providing an oil that is guaranteed at least 3% thymoquinone. 

“This certified organic, 3% thymoquinone black seed oil is a world first by Viridian.”

With an already growing award-winning organic black seed range, Viridian is inviting black seed fans to ‘Taste the Power’ of its high concentration and intensely flavoured pure black seed oil.  

Organic High Potency Black Seed Oil is certified organic by the Soil Association and is suitable for those following a vegan lifestyle. The range is available in oil, capsules and a topical serum. Repair 5 is the luxurious all over skin serum that has been named Best New Organic Beauty Product in the Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2019.

B Corp status shows we are doing the ‘bright’ thing – Rude Health founder

Rude Health is the latest brand in the natural and organic sector to gain demanding B Corp status. 

After three months of rigourous testing by B Corp, Rude Health is now accredited as a business that balances people, planet and profit, with a score of 84.1 out of 200.

Rude Health co-founder, Camilla Barnard said: “Being a B Corp is a brilliant way of contextualising, recognising and celebrating how we do business. We call it the ‘bright way’ and it covers everything from choosing high-quality ingredients such as Sicilian Almonds for their superior flavour and excellent environmental credentials, through to offering enhanced parental leave, using 100% renewable electricity in our office, making a dairy free drinks packaging from 88% renewable materials using fire plastics for sustainable sugar canes and donating 5% of their profits to charity. It will also support us as we make new choices and push for an even brighter way of doing business.”

Stroud Brewery teams with HFW for new beer trio 

Stroud Brewery has joined forces with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall of River Cottage to create a trio of new organic beers. 

The organic brewer says the new beers – in Hempathy, Stinger (a nettle ale) a Hopful variants – complement River Cottage’s ‘Food to inspire change’ campaign, shedding light on organic and ethical sources of food & drink.

This new range also celebrates the “undisputed flavour champion, the humble hop”. A key aromatic flavour ingredient for making flavour full beer, hops are nonetheless difficult to grow organically in the UK.

The project aims to identify and trial disease resistant hop varieties and enable the UK beer industry to become lower impact… and organic.

Lycored partners with Herbalife Nutrition to launch Herbalife SKIN LycoGlow 

Global carotenoid ingredients specialist Lycored has supplied its proprietary nutrient complex Lycoderm to Herbalife Nutrition’s newest Herbalife SKIN product, LycoGlow. The product helps support skin smoothness, brightness, and firmness for an all-over healthy glow that starts from within with a once-daily softgel, designed to complement a holistic skincare routine, supporting its texture and appearance for a smoother and more radiant look.

“Our philosophy is that healthy skin starts on the inside. A growing number of consumers share that view, and they’re turning to plant-based ingredients like tomato-derived carotenoids to nourish their skin. Lycoderm is our flagship ingredient for ingestible skincare supplements, and we’re honored that Herbalife Nutrition has chosen it for Herbalife SKIN LycoGlow, a truly exciting new product,” said Zev Ziegler, vice president of brand & marketing at Lycored.

Lycoderm is a proprietary blend of tomato phytonutrients and rosemary leaf that offers optimal concentrations of lycopene, phytoene, phytofluene, and carnosic acid. The synergistic combination of these nutrients helps balance the skin’s response to sun exposure and environmental stress.

“Herbalife SKIN LycoGlow taps into growing consumer demand for ingestible skincare products containing plant-based ingredients rooted in research and sprouted from science,” said Ibi Montesino, senior vice president, and managing director, North America at Herbalife Nutrition.

LycoGlow is only available through Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors.