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Viridian’s Organic Pine Bark supplement is ‘UK first’ 

Viridian Nutrition says its new Organic Pine Bark Extract supplement is a first for the UK.

The pine bark extract is sourced from organically certified forests in Finland, where the air is pure and there is minimal human intervention. Finland ranks 5th in the world for air quality and the pine trees grow naturally without the use of any chemicals.

Derived from the inner and outer layer of the Pinus sylvestris tree, the organic pine bark extract is rich in naturally occurring Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC), and sustainably harvested and ethically produced with no animal testing. 

Viridian’s Organic Pine Bark Extract is standardised to 70% OPCs, making it a high potency formulation and effective source of beneficial bioflavonoids. The ingredient undergoes a gentle water extraction that preserves the abundant polyphenol content creating a high quality pine bark extract.  This innovation is the first Soil Association certified organic pine bark extract to be unveiled in the UK.

Viridian’s technical director Aimee Benbow said: “Ensuring the highest ethical standards in ingredient sourcing in our formulations is paramount to Viridian.  

“Our Organic Pine Bark is responsibly sourced from trees grown in the Finnish Arctic, a location known for having one of the lowest pollution rates in the world. It’s these environmental conditions which can provide beneficial advantages to the OPC-rich content in the wild pine trees growing there naturally. 

“Gaining organic certification from the Soil Association guarantees the pine bark is non-GMO and grown using sustainable methods, without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides. Our ongoing programme of new formulations contains strict ethical criteria. These include working and ensuring growers and producers adhere to our no animal testing policy.”

Benbow added: “We’re delighted to be the first to develop a Soil Association certified organic pine bark extract supplement in the UK. With the rise in demand for organic and plant-based alternatives, our Organic Pine Bark Extract is the perfect ethical choice for those seeking a supplement rich in healthy polyphenols.”

Using only 100% active ingredients formulated by expert nutritionists, there are no artificial fillers and no nasties. Organic Pine Bark Extract is available in 30 capsules.

Ruth Hawthorne appointed joint managing director at Natural Trade Brokers

Ruth Hawthorne has been appointed joint managing director at Natural Trade Brokers. Hawthorne will work alongside Tom Moses, at the specialist UK natural products sales brokerage company. 

Moses announced the news at the company’s first person-to-person sales meeting together for 17 months as he personally celebrated 35 years in the Natural Health Industry and 70th birthday celebrations: “I am delighted to welcome our teams and so many clients to our first get together here in Coventry, and to announce Ruth Hawthorne is now officially joint MD of NTB. 

“Our company has grown from strength to strength since we launched 11 years ago, and our three sales teams now represent many brand leaders with unique promotions and support for over 600 independent health stores throughout the UK. We occupy a unique position within the industry, and we are extremely proud of the contributions our unparalleled expertise, service and commitment make to so many brand leaders. Ruth’s new official role as joint MD, working closely in conjunction with me, heralds our exciting growing future ahead at the epicentre of the UK’s natural trade and health trade sectors”. 

Hawthorne commented: “I am delighted to formally take on this new role as joint MD with Tom, and we look forward to working closely with both existing brands as well as new entrants to the market in the years to come”. 

Whole latte love 

Co-op has added the first food to go drink to its popular vegan GRO range, in the form of a Red Velvet Latte. 

The retailer’s first own-brand chilled latte retails for a very affordable £1 for 250ml and is available in Co-op stores across the country.

The frothy latte is just 72 calories and enriched with Vitamin D and B12, formulated to suit the needs of those that follow a plant-based diet. Its striking red colouring derives from natural carrot and beetroot concentrate and as with all Co-op coffee products, it is also Fairtrade.

The latte boasts an oaty flavour with hints of subtle roast coffee and rounded with sweet vanilla and cocoa notes at the end.

Jonathan Howard, Co-op’s Chilled Drinks Developer said: “We wanted to combine popular yet unique flavour profiles, Red Velvet and Mocha, for an exciting new offer that adds something different to your lunch or breakfast. Chilled Lattes continue to be extremely popular and we’re so excited to bring this affordable vegan option to the market, in our new 100% recyclable RPET packaging!”

Ingredient meet demands for high protein, clean-label yogurts 

Arla Foods Ingredients has launched a new whey protein ingredient to help meet the growing demand for high-protein yogurts with health credentials and a premium positioning.

NutrilacFO-7875 enables manufacturers to develop yogurts (both spoonable and drinkable) with significantly higher protein content than typical products, which generally range from 5% to 9%. For example, it can be used to create a drinking yogurt with 11% protein and only 0.8% fat.

As well as enhancing health credentials, NutrilacFO-7875 is highly functional. It delivers a creamier and smoother texture, even in low-fat recipes, and does not increase viscosity. Furthermore, it does not require the addition of stabilizers, thus allowing cleaner labels.

NutrilacFO-7875 was developed in response to growing demand for high-protein yogurt products, the global market for which has been forecast to grow at a CAGR of over 8% to 2030.Produced in Argentina, its arrival is particularly good news for South American producers, who will benefit from proximity and greater purchase flexibility.

Ignacio Estevez, application manager, South America at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “NutrilacFO-7875 meets a range of market needs. It can be used to create clean-label yogurts that are not only rich in high-quality protein, but also low in fat, as well as smooth and creamy. This combination of benefits will allow even more manufacturers to expand their lines to include premium products that enhance brand image. We’re particularly excited about the unprecedented opportunities it offers in South American markets, where manufacturers will benefit from reduced transit time and no import fees.”