M*lking it: Glebe Farm billboards riff on Oatly court debacle 


UK-based oat drink producer Glebe Farm has taken over billboards at London’s Victoria Station in what looks very much like some strategic nose-thumbing directed at Swedish oat milk brand Oatly.

Glebe Farm says the new ads are intended to remind consumers about its 2021 court victory, after the oat drink multinational (Oatly was valued at $10 billion at its IPO last year) sued it for an alleged trade mark infringement – and lost. 

The new campaign, produced in collaboration with YouAgency, includes several messages that riff on the episode. One reads “Oatly sued us. We won. Now help us pay off our lawyers.”Another reads: “Oatly sued us. We won. Because you can’t beat true. British. Oat milk.”

Philip Rayner, owner of Glebe Farm, commented: “At a time when sustainability and championing local, British brands is at an all-time high, we wanted to remind people with a playful campaign that our oat m*lk is the most sustainable oat m*lk in the UK – and travels far less ‘food miles’ to get to customers than most other brands,” said Philip Rayner, owner of Glebe Farm.

“After winning the court case against Oatly, it has made us want to be more disruptive in our campaigns. We’re known as the oat m*lk brand that beat Oatly, but we’re so much more than that. We are true, British oat m*lk. And proud of it!”.

Image: Glebe Farm/YouAgency, via social media

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