IADSA chair welcomes ‘green shoots of progress’ towards integrating supplements into health policy


Gerhard Gans, the new chair of IADSA’s board, has welcomed a decision by some governments to explore integrating supplementation into health policy – and has pledged to find ways to build on this progress over the course of his tenure.

Gans, who was elected chair at IADSA’s AGM yesterday (22 June 2022), said: “Switzerland’s government has issued guidance advising older consumers to take a daily vitamin D supplement. The UK, meanwhile, has launched a review of vitamin D intake that will look atthe role of supplements in reducing health disparities. These developments represent small but significant steps for the sector and are timely in the sense that the world is facing significant challenges that have the potential to impact on food security.”

He continued: “Moving forward, we will cultivate these green shoots of progress and show the leadership the supplement sector needs to demonstrate further the role and value of supplementation globally.”

Gans, who has held the position of IADSA treasurer since 2018, has 40 years’ experience working in the supplement sector and is currently VP regulatory affairs & quality management at DSM Nutritional Products.

He succeeds Michelle Stout, who becomes IADSA chair emeritus. Stout replaces outgoing chair emeritus Ric Hobby, who has been given IADSA’s Leadership Award in recognition of his contribution to the supplement sector over the course of a long and distinguished career.