Denmark’s Plant Based Expo is back – this time it’s 100% organic 

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Denmark’s first plant based organic expo, Organic Plant Based Expo, will take place at Øksnehallen in Copenhagen on the 5th-6th of November 2022. 

Some of the biggest plant based companies and NGOs in Denmark are in charge of the Organic Plant Based Expo in Copenhagen this November. The Vegetarian Society of Denmark (Dansk Vegetarisk Forening) are hosting startups as well as established businesses and an estimated 5.000 visitors. 

It’s been three years since Dansk Vegetarisk Forening held a similar event. Back after a covid interruption, this year’s Organic Plant Based Expo has been eagerly awaited. 

“The Expo in 2019 was a huge success with a massive turnout. And now we’re back, hopefully bigger than ever”, says Mie Nordly from The Vegetarian Society of Denmark who is one of the driving forces behind the expo. 

This time the event is 100 % organic and has the backing of the foundation “Fonden for økologisk landbrug” and Organic Plant Protein. This, says the organiser,  is because the core values of organic and plant based production are aligned when it comes to sustainability and protection of the environment, climate and animal welfare. 

In the plant based organic market Denmark has a particular position and is a global front runner when it comes to high quality organic foods, plant proteins and meat alternatives. 

Organic Plant Protein A/S is the main sponsor of the expo. Behind OPP is the couple Fie Graugaard and Ulrich Kern-Hansen. They see the expo as a golden opportunity to promote the best plant based food, Denmark has to offer. 

“It’s important that the plant based expo is 100% organic. Also, it’s an amazing time to show the consumers and professional kitchens that we have locally produced food of absolute top class when it comes to taste. This way we hope to do our part in reducing our far too extensive intake of meat,” says Fie Graugaard an Ulrich Kern-Hansen from Organic Plant Protein A/S. 

The Vegetarian Society of Denmark and their partners hope that the expo will show all guests a variety of healthy and climate friendly plant based food. On a global scale the plant based market is growing rapidly, and Denmark has a lot of large and small businesses ready to conquer this market. 

“There are so many possibilities on the organic, plant based market with quality goods. We all have to consume less meat and other animal products in the future if we are to reach our climate goals. This expo is a golden opportunity to see and taste the food of the future, and we are planning on a large turnout on both days,” says Mie Nordly. 

Tickets can be purchased at – discount is given to members of Dansk Vegetarisk Forening. 

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