OTB and NATRUE partner to boost organic beauty message 

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The Organic Trade Board (OTB) and NATRUE, The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association, have announced a new partnership aimed at increasing  consumer knowledge about the organic beauty sector.

Historically, the OTB’s marketing campaign was limited to members in the Food and Drink industry, however the organisation has changed significantly in the last few years, opening the campaign to non-food and welcoming members from all areas of the organic industry, including cosmetics.

Category clarity
Part of the OTB’s mission is to raise awareness of organic beauty brands. Unlike food and drink, there is no legal definition for an organic cosmetic, creating communications challenges. The OTB believes the the new partnership with NATRUE will help provide much needed category clarity. 

The Vivaness exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, where the natural and organic beauty industry will gather on 14-17 February

Established by the pioneers of the natural and organic cosmetic (NOC) sector, the main objective of NATRUE’s voluntary label criteria is to combat greenwashing by setting strict requirements for both natural and organic cosmetic products that ensure ingredient clarity and product transparency, establish criteria for sustainable sourcing through to environmental impact and packaging, guaranteed through independent certification. The label criteria reflects NATRUE’s principal mission to protect and promote natural and organic cosmetics to the benefit of consumers worldwide. Since 2008, the NATRUE Label has developed, grown and expanded across Europe and worldwide. There are now more than 6,600 products certified with the NATRUE Label on the market.

Easy-to-digest message
With the new partnership, the OTB and NATRUE aims to amplify their messaging through the sharing of clear, concise information about the benefits of certified organic cosmetics. The overarching objective is to support, promote and increase knowledge about the organic beauty sector in the UK specifically about NATRUE certified brands, with a main goal being to provide information for consumers in an easy-to-digest way on the benefits of certified organic beauty.

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