Supplements innovator BetterYou recognised with Queen’s Award


UK-based supplements innovator BetterYou has been recognised in the 2021 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

The Yorkshire-based company is a 2021 winner in the Innovation category.

The company, which specialises in pill-free nutritional supplements, receives the prestigious award for its development of a pioneering oral spray delivery method for supplementation – an effective and convenient alternative to traditional tablets and capsules. 

Since the launch of its ground-breaking Vitamin D3 Oral Spray in 2010, the brand has gained a reputation for developing innovative natural health products, and now offers a wide range of nutritional oral sprays for vitamins and minerals that are underrepresented, or omitted from modern diets and lifestyles, including iron and vitamin B12, which studies show are often poorly absorbed if supplemented by tablets. 

The brand’s innovative and distinctive delivery mechanism allows these essential nutrients to be absorbed via the inner cheek in the mouth, bypassing the primary processing of the digestive system. BetterYou says this method is “ideal for the growing population with malabsorption issues such as IBS, Crohn’s and Coeliac disease along with people that cannot, or prefer not, to take traditional tablets”. 

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise offers British companies’ global recognition, improved opportunities to break into new markets, attract investment and new talent, whilst also raising the awareness of each individual brand and their unique products or services. 

Companies that enter the awards must present a compelling case, completing their application to the highest standards and demonstrating both clear commercial strength and a strong corporate social responsibility. 

Innovation is a cornerstone of the BetterYou brand, so there really is no greater feeling than to receive the Innovation Award of the highest order in UK business”

Commenting on the company’s success, Andrew Thomas, founder and CEO at BetterYou said; “Innovation is a cornerstone of the BetterYou brand, so there really is no greater feeling than to receive the Innovation Award of the highest order in UK business. To be amongst the few, elite businesses in the region that have been recognised as 2021 winners is incredibly humbling. I have coveted the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for many years and can honestly say this truly is a special moment both for myself and the entire team. 

“As a Founder, I’m of the belief that if you’re not moving forwards, it can feel like you’re moving backwards, yet whilst we are always striving to innovate and deliver for our customers, the strategic direction of the BetterYou brand remains unchanged. We are committed to developing exceptional, innovative and affordable pill-free nutritional supplements to support the wellbeing of everyone – something that has been elevated in priority for many over the last 12 months.” 

Now in its 15th year of trade, BetterYou has celebrated continued growth during the last five years; more than tripling its turnover, from £3.3m in 2015 to over £11m in 2020. “

Image: BetterYou founder and CEO, Andrew Thomas